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  1. hello!
    We made ​​a stove similar in Mar del Plata, Argentina.
    Only ours was made with bricks.
    We hope to keep in touch.

    • Hi! I hope it works as well for you guys as for me. Wich of my stoves are you refering to? Most of my stoves are bricks to, so I dont really understand your comment?

      Happy building, and keap me updated !!

  2. Hi :-)

    I am really intrigued by the drawing of the stone (brick) rocket design! We’re looking into heating the living area and soon-to-be-converted annex of our 1900 house for this coming winter (15 Celsius just wasn’t really comfortable). We’re dicussing the possibilities of converting a tiny wood cooking stove into a small mass furnace or rocket-driven cook stove as well as insulating the house on a Dutch forum, but we also need heating for the living room. For this we would like both a mass heater for the winter months and something which can heat up quicker but won’t emit heat that long for both Spring and Autumn. This last heater will be situated against an (uninsulated) eastern wall, so when I saw the plans of that Finnish brick rocket … our biggest problem is not that we have little money, it’s that we have no money. So everything needs to be scrounged together and/or built from materials we already collected.
    So, would you have the time and be willing to maybe dicuss a few things? I’d appreciate any imput.

    With friendly greetings,

    Saskia Steinhorst

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