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We dont do rocket-stoves for heating anymore since we have found masonry heaters much more flexible, functional and suitable for our purposes. Rocket stoves was our first try, but a good masonry heater is as effective, and easyer to operate. And with the price we have on bricks here very affordable. For us it is also easyer to promote, people here where just to sceptical about the open fire chamber concept, and the barrel was to ugly for most. But they do work well. We have found that many are still coocking outside in the summer on open fires. So we have started to think about educating in making rockety coocking facilities.

Many masonry stoves has a heatriser inside and I believe this old drawing from 1942 of a finish oven is almost completely a masonry rocket stove. So it isnt always the people that say they started it that did it first… 

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Here will the project for our clean burning, rocket stove be presented. It is designed with these parmeters that suits local needs:

  • Portable (for seasonal removal)
  • 4″ flue
  • Made in Lankaran
  • Affordable (one season payback)
  • Efficient clean combustion
We have constructed a stove for less than 10 azn manat that burns clean with the use of special chimney stones available on the local market. The construction with the local materials seem to work well and we will proceed to install it in a few homes for long-therm testing. Hopefully also with the attached massnory bench to store the heat.
This animation shows how the rocket-stove burns differently than a conventional box-stove.


“Rocket Mass Heaters are a specialized adaptation of several concepts that are well worth knowing in their own right.

You can learn more about rocket stove here and here



  1. Hello!

    I am hoping to learn bait about the functionality of this particular rocket stove, so I’m hoping you have experience.

    It seems as if the exhaust from the secondary combustion barrel is not run through the cob bench.

    I can see that this is a completely acceptable design, but I am curious if the bench sinks heat by just being in proximity to the barrel?

    I really appreciated your blog.


    • This chimney has to go through the bench, it comes back to the barrel before going out to help with the draft, this is generally a good idea. I recomend you to explore the different massonry options I have posted instead, to my experience they are optainable for a selfbuilder to build, cheap , burn clean and consumes little wood. Less smoke to the house, less fiddeling with the fire and easyer to light. But Rocket stoves are fun for people that likes original things and likes to fiddle with fire. And they are effective enough. Building with brick is just a little more demanding, and result will be better. Use recalimed bricks and I think price is not an issue.

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