Why Təmiz?

“Temiz” is Azeri and means “clean” , but can also mean “perfect” or “blameless”. Our mandate is to pass on the world we inhabit to the next generation “clean” and “perfect” , and our hope is that we can stand “blameless” onto them. Our buisness hopes to contribute to these high aspirations. As I have spent time working with CDS in southern Azerbaijan I  fell in love with the culture, people and the nature. It is my desire that we as a company can be a part of seeing this blossoming and growing innto its full potential. Baku is in many ways a awsome city, and thousands of peoples have moved towards the capital. Urbanisation is a global challenge, and to some extent it seems very hard to avoid. But Azerbaijan can`t all be Baku!  Thats why CDS want to contribute for a positive change here in the south. That people might want to comme back and find their life better and more comfortrable than when they left. That we at least can do our part in directing people to a sustainable path of development. Thats why we call ourselves Tamiz…


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  1. Wow. I am excited to see the change this project will bring to Lenkeran!

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